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Lahemaa Art Conference "Genius Loci. Art and Nature"

09.04.2019 /
Viinistu Art Museum,  Environmental Board of Estonia and Machaon International organise 24.-26.05 in Lahemaa National Park Conference "Genius Loci. Art and Nature ”. International event deals with the questions of contemporary art and its relationship to nature, traditional culture and rural development. The first day of the conference is dedicated to theoretical questions on locality of modern art. Conference languages are English,  French, Russian and Estonian.  During the conference a general exhibition of the project  "Areas of Inspiration" will be presented by Machaon International and project partners.  Viinistu Art Museum opens the art exhibition “Genius loci. Viinistu. Lahemaa” in the Tank galleries. Previous registration is required. The event is free of charge. 
May 24, Friday. Symposium “Genius Loci. Local Traits of Contemporary Art ”

14.00-18.00 Discussion on the relations of Art and Place

Moderated by Teet Veispak. Participants:

Aleksei Plutser-Sarno (Israel) Russian Actionism

Tamara Luuk (Estonia) The uniqueness of Estonian Art

Leonhard Lapin (Estonia) The Character of Estonian Architecture

Paul Rodgers (Estonia) An English Artist in Estonia

18.00 Dinner

19-22 Evening programme – Artists and Art Residencies
Kaari Saarma (Estonia) "I am the Gardener"
Kianoosh Shamlooki (France/Iran) "Paris. Flowers. Women"
Vasyl Rozko, Andrey Kotliarchuk (Ukraine) - Festival TuStan 
20.30 coffee break
Vera Yarilina (Russia)«Tsaritsyno» open-air museum. "House with a lion and its inhabitants. Children as a resource for the development of territory. Territory as a resource for the development of children."
Anastasia Skrebtcova, National Park Curonian Spit (Russia/Lithuania) "Art-projects in national park Curonian Spit"
Nadezhda Utkina, Ilya Smolin (Nature park Voskresenskoye Povetluzie, Russia) "Culture of the tree: knowledge and participation" 

Alexey Sheboldayev (Russia)  "World of short summer. 40 years of student art practices in the Russian North" 
May 25, Saturday International Conference “Genius Loci. Art and Nature. Areas of Inspiration”
10.00 -13.00
Jaan Manitski (Estonia). Viinistu Art Museum
Josef Bednar, Svetlana Belova (Slovakia) Machaon International. Project „Areas of inspiration“: returning creativity to the awe-inspiring rural areas.
Tiit Pääsuke (Estonia). Artist and Lahemaa
Teet Veispak (Estonia). Genius Loci in Lahemaa
Alexey Sheboldayev (Russia). Project „Areas of Inspiration“ – artist view.
Open microphone
13.-14.00 Lunch
14.00-16.30 Presentations of rural art residencies:
Toomas Kokovkin (Estonia). Art in UNESCO biosphere reserves: example from Hiiumaa island
Svetlana Belova (Slovakia). Ganovce – area of inspiration. Involvement of local communities in creative projects
Vit Hrdoušek (Czechia). Straznicko – land of wine and folklore. Innovative approaches through artistic events.
Peter Smik (Slovakia) Social role of artist: experience of Annogallery, Slovakia
Katerina Haj (Ukraine). Tustan. The value of artists residencies: territories, local community, new senses.
Yuri Babichin (Ukraine) Artists – for nature conservation. Experience of plain air events in Synevir national park
Alexey Groza (Russia) .Vladimir village-social and cultural center of Nizhny Novgorod
Alexandr Yermolayev (Russia). TAF-Oshevensk. Art residences in Far North
17.00 Opening of the exhibitons
„Areas of Inspiration“ presented by Machaon International and partners.
„Genius Loci. Viinistu. Lahemaa“ presented by Viinistu Art Museum
Reception of Viinistu Art Museum. Tour in the museum collections
20.00 Small evening concert. Ljoba Jence, Slovenia
May 26, Sunday
9.00-17.00 Field trip in Lahemaa art residencies
Tammispea – Simson von Seakyll sculpture park and studio
Lunch in Käsmu. Käsmu and artists. Lunch in Käsmu
Karepa Kalame Art Residence and Museum
Registration and Information: Ave Paulus, ave.paulus@keskkonnaamet.ee +37253327893
Event is supported by Creative Europe Programme, Estonian Environmental Investments Centre, Viinistu Art Museum

Pekka Nevalainen. Love Is All. Viinistu 2017. Photo: Toomas Tuul