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Vormsi Landscape Protection Area

The aim of Vormsi Landscape Proetection Area is to protect the individuality and the vulnerable landscape of the archipelago of Western Estonia and the endangered cultural heritage landscapes characteristic to the area. The protected area consists of nine detached plots with a total area of 2,423 ha. The reserve and the Väinameri Limited-Conservation Area expanding to the shore of Vormsi Island are a part of the Väinameri bird and natural area of international importance.

Vormsi Island belongs in its entirety to the programme area of the archipelago biosphere of Western Estonia. The mission of the programme is to direct the balanced development of the area, preserve the life and environment and biodiversity. The programme areas of the biosphere are internationally recognised by UNESCO as a network of areas with a purpose of connecting the conservational goals with the protection of cultural heritage and the development of the area, thereby following the principles of sustainable development.