White-tailed eagle webcam is now live from Matsalu


Margit Turb

Last week, the white-tailed eagle webcam installed by Kotkaklubi (Eagle Club) went live in Matsalu national park: https://www.youtube.com/live/9r0luregAMY?feature=share

It is one of the oldest known breeding territories of white-tailed eagles in Estonia (the first reports date back to 1870). It is a very suitable habitat for white-tailed eagles, with another pair nesting less than a kilometre away. A total of 30 eaglets have taken flight from this nest between 1996 and 2020.

In 2021, two chicks hatched, but both died in May due to the H5N1 bird flu. The adult birds Eve and Eerik have not been seen since. In 2022, several eagles visited the nest, but did not stay. By mid-summer, however, a pair of eagles came and claimed the nest as their own. This spring, the nest is already busy with starting a family. Hopefully, this pair of eagles will also succeed in reproducing!

Matsalu kotkakaamera
Picture from webcam