Käina Bay – Kassari Landscape Protection Area
Käina bay and Kassari island. Argo Nurs

Käina Bay – Kassari Landscape Protection area is a naturally beautiful and diverse area in the southeastern part of Hiiumaa Island.

The main key words connected to the protection area are birds, semi-natural communities, Käina Bay and medicinal mud. 

The area of the protection area is about 5,700 ha, Käina Bay comprises nearly fifth of it. The water area of the protection area (2,475 ha) is a part of the Väinameri Sea.

The area is on the migration route of water and coastal birds and it is a bird area of international importance. 

In the protection area, people have been living and working for a long time in the higher parts of the mainland. The first written records about settlements date back to the 16th century. Nowadays, a large part of the landscapes in the protection area are being used actively by people.



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