Vooremaa Landscape Protection Area
colourful landscape from air with three lakes
Vooremaa landscape with lakes. Photo: Arne Ader

Vooremaa is an ancient cultural landscape. In the Estonian folk tradition, this area is the centre of origin and distribution of the stories about the Estonian hero Kalevipoeg (Son of Kalev). Drumlins are liken to be the ploughing furrows of Kalevipoeg. Among themselves, naturalists call Vooremaa the museum of Ice Age because the distinguished landforms here are shaped by the last Ice Age.

The range of the large drumlins are known as Vooremaa covers 97,700 ha. In 1964, Vooremaa Landscape Reserve was founded to protect the more representative part of the drumlins of Lake Saadjärv. With area of 9,831 ha, it makes up only 10% of the entire drumlin landscape.

The slopes and tops of the towering drumlins that resemble a convex bread loaf are used as croplands, grasslands and forest lands. Lakes, rivers and patches of bogs are situated between the drumlins. The largest and deepest of the lakes in Vooremaa is Lake Saadjärv (723.5 ha). Several manors with parks, old trees and boulders are located in the landscape reserve.

When visiting the Vooremaa Landscape Protection Area, you should check out our wild animals in Elistvere Animal Park, the changes in the nature after the Ice Age in Jääaja Keskus, different trees and forest types in Luua and, in several places water activities, scenic views and a versatile landscape can be enjoyed. Vooremaa offers something for everyone!



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