Instructions for visitors

Adhere to the restrictions in effect in the protection area. You can acquaint yourself with them by reading the protection rules (in Estonian).

  • Try not to leave traces behind when travelling in the natuure.
  • Drive a motor vehicle only on gravel or paved roads designated for that.
  • Movement restrictions in the Käina Bay – Kassari Landscape Protection Area: people are prohibited to be in the conservation zone of Käina Bay and Vaemla Bay from 1 April to 31 October, whereby it is not allowed to be on the islet of Kadakalaid from 15 February to 31 October.
  • Permission from the land owner is required for moving around on marked/fenced private property. A field, plantation and apiary are not meant for hiking.
  • It is permitted to pick berries, mushrooms and everything else that is edible and not under protection if it is allowed to be present in the place of foraging. A permit for foraging on private property is required if it is fenced and märked.
  • Fishing is prohibited on the bays of Käina and Vaemla.
  • Camp and make a fire only in places prepared and marked for that, put out the fire when leaving a fire place. If there is a fire hazard warning in the forests, it is strictly prohibited to make an open fire even in a fire ring.
  • Keep your dog on a leash when walking in the natuure.
  • If you notice damage to nature or the visitor facilities, please report it to the State helpline by calling 1247.

The emergency phone number is 112.