Alutaguse National Park
Kurtna lakes
Kurtna lakes. Ants Tammik

Alutaguse National Park covers a predominating part of the Alutaguse lowland. One of the most characteristic features of this region has always been sparse settlements and high percentages of natural landscapes. 54 % of the park consists of vast bog areas and 42 % is forested landscapes. Kame and Esker fields and dune areas create diversity to otherwise flat surroundings.

Alutaguse National Park´s natural landscapes are a home for many rare species in Estonia, e.g. Flying Squirrel, Willow Grouse and Black Stork. Throughout the region you can spot variety of five different eagle species, as well as the Great Grey Owl and the Peregrine. Several mammals e.g. the Eurasian Wolf, the Brown Bear and the European Lynx move between Estonia and Russia via the Alutaguse migration routes.



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