Visitation opportunities

The most known and visited place in the area is the museum of the writer Anton Hansen Tammsaare in Vargamäe. The birthplace of the author offers activities and discovery for people of all ages who are interested in history and literature. Walking in the cultural grove of Järva County close to the museum, it is possible to observe the growing of the trees planted by the laureates of Järva County cultural awards. More than a hundred trees have been planted during the period of 25 years. Children can have fun being a shepherd on a small adventure trail built on the edge of the cultural grove.

Simisalu Nature House is on the flat hills of Simisalu that are situated next to the flat hills of Vargamäe. The complex that is open on demand is suitable for various events, seminars and nature camps. It is possible to camp and make a fire in the spacious outdoor area and go for a shorter or longer hike. The Nature House offers nature study programmes for students. It is possible to climb on top of the observation tower with a height of 18 metres and look at the surrounding landscape. 

Three hiking trails have been prepared in the Kõrvemaa Landscape Reserve. 

The Simisalu–Matsimäe nature trail that is 7.5 km long is a nature trail that runs through the Seli bog and former homesteads. The trail starts next to the Simisalu Nature House. The trail has a boardwalk 3 km long.  

The Tammsaare–Järva-Madise nature trail that is 5 km long is a nature trail in the Kodru bog that is mostly boardwalked. The boardwalk itself is 4.4 km long. 

The Kakerdaja nature trail that is 7 km long starts on Mõnuvere-Kooksimetsa road, runs through the Kakerdaja bog, passes Noku campfire site and makes a loop around lakes Väike and Suur Kalajärv, then arriving back at Noku campfire site. The trail has a boardwalk that is 4 km long. The nature trail is a part of Aegviidu-Ikla and Peraküla-Aegviidu-Ähijärve hiking trails. Kalajärve campfire site is also on the trail. 

There are also separate camping and campfire sites in the reserve. 

There is a spacious camping area on the shores of Lake Matsimäe Pühajärv. The lake is suitable for swimming, there is also enough space by the lake for sunbathing.

Matsimäe quarry campfire site is situated towards the end of the Simisalu-Matsimäe nature trail, on the high bank of a water body that has formed in an old quarry. 

A camping area close to Lake Nikerjärv that is near Aegviidu is a suitable stopping spot for the hikers walking on the hiking trail of the State Forest Management Centre. 

Krani campfire site is a secluded and quiet campfire site on the bank of the Liivoja Stream.