Johann Köler House Museum

At the southeastern border of the Soomaa National Park, at the Lubjassaare farm in Ivaski village is the childhood home of the founder of Estonian national painting, Professor Johann Köler (08.03.1826 - 22.04.1899).
Johann Köler was the first Estonian painter with academic degree in art. He created his works primarily in the context of the 19th century Russian academic painting and represented the ideals of late classicism with romantic shades. The museum that today is home to the children of Andres, brother of Johann Köler, features both former farmhouse life and the works of the painter.

The museum is open to visitors only on prior notice!

Sights of Lubjasaare include an old farmhouse with a barn for kiln-drying grain, a restored sauna and barn. The barn room features former farm appliances, tools, various horse carts and other types of farm equipment and copies of the artist's works.

The farm museum includes a parking lot with information boards, a campsite, a fire ring and a village swing. One can order food and use a sauna. Behind the garden is the start of a marked trail over Miilaugu dunes covered with pine forests to Ruunaraipe sand dunes that are near Valgeraba bog.

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