Group of hills, former school and church in Kaika

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The group of hills in Kaika is spectacular: more than 20 dome-shaped hills, all clustered together, have been recorded in 1 square kilometre. In 1900, a Russian Orthodox Church with two onion-shaped domes was built on Kaikamäe Hill, financed by a businessman from St Petersburg. Currently, the church is in a dilapidated state. A school was established at the same time, initially as a Russian-language parish school which was later turned into an Estonian-language one. The school was closed in 1999. Today the building is used as a community centre. The cemetery behind the church is still in use. On Kaikamäe Hill there is a bench dedicated to Kaika Laine, a renowned local healer. A beautiful view over the group of hills in Kaika opens up from here.