Instructions for visitors
  • Please do your best to not leave any trace of your presence, and to maintain silence.
  • When moving around in nature, follow everyman’s right.
  • To move around on private land designated as such or enclosed by a fence, obtain the permission of the owner.
  • Camping and making fires is allowed in specially arranged and designated places only (see the map). Before leaving a campfire site, put out the fire.
  • It is permitted to pick berries, mushrooms and other wild produce in the national park except in strict nature reserves or in conservation zones when restrictions on movement apply (see the map).
  • The strict nature reserves of Pautsjärv and Kaadsijärv were established to ensure that the ecosystems in these areas evolve exclusively as a result of natural processes, which is why all human activity – even visiting the reserves – is prohibited.
  • When driving a motor vehicle or bicycle, use the designated roads or routes only. If possible, leave your car in a car park.
  • It is only permitted to use non-powered floating vessels on lakes in the protected area.
  • When fishing or using a floating vessel, follow the restrictions in force in the national park (see the map).
  • When moving around in nature, dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.


Hiking trails go through areas used for livestock grazing, which may be fenced off with electric fencing.

  • Use the specially arranged places or crossings to pass grazing enclosures.
  • Do not touch electric fencing or any of its metal parts, as these may be live.
  • Use the plastic handle to open the crossing gate.
  • Make sure you close all gates.
  • Do not disturb the livestock.

If you become aware of activities that are potentially harmful to the environment or visitor facilities, please report it to the State helpline by calling 1241

For emergency services, call 112

Camping and making fires is allowed in specially arranged and designated places only. Photo: Helen Kivisild