Protection procedure

The diversity and protected species of the communities, the landscape and the biota of the Keava, Loosalu and Palasi bogs, Keava-Esku and Paluküla-Sillaotsa marginal formations and their surrounding areas are protected in the Kõnnumaa Landscape Reserve. The reserve is divided into four conservation zones with a stricter protection procedure (Keava, Palasi, Loosalu and Suursaare) where people interfere less with the development of nature because economic activity is prohibited. Economic activity is permitted in the limited-conservation area named Kõnnumaa that has a more lenient protection procedure. Restrictions on human activity are based on the Nature Conservation Act and the protection rules of Kõnnumaa Landscape Protection Area that were approved on 12 December 2017. The new management plan that is a basis for planning work and activities has not been approved yet.