Loosalu-Paluküla nature trail

Start and finish according to choice: the trail starts at the Pakumäe parking lot (5.2 km from Vana-Kaiu) when approaching the trail from the direction of Loosalu; approaching the trail from the direction of Paluküla, the beginning of the trail is 3.6 km from the Paluküla bus stop. The vehicle must be left in the parking lot in front of the Hiiemägi Hill.

Length (duration): 7.7 km (4–5 hours).

Designation: trees have colour-markings with the combination of white-red-white on them.

Keywords: Loosalu bog, the largest bog lake of Estonia – Lake Loosalu, hiking on foot.

Camp fire sites: 1.5 km from the Pakumäe parking lot.

Camping opportunities: available.

Manager of the trail: the State Forest Management Centre, info.viimsi@rmk.ee, phone +372 676 7842.

If needed, ask additional information about the restrictions from the Environmental Board via e-mail info@keskkonnaamet.ee or by phone +372 484 1171.

The pathway of the nature trail can be found on the Environmental Board pamphlet: https://www.keskkonnaamet.ee/sites/default/public/A3_Konnumaa_mka.pdf