Instructions for visitors
  • Try not to leave any traces in the nature.
  • Ask the permission of the owner when being on a marked/fenced private land. Field, plantations and apiaries are not meant for hiking.
    • People are prohibited from being in the Kanna and Pätsumaa nature reserves.
  • Use bicycles on roads and paths, use and park motor vehicles (including terrain vehicles and snowmobiles) only on prescribed roads and parking lots.
  • Setting up a tent and making a fire in the nature reserve is not allowed, except setting up a tent and making a fire in the yard upon the consent of the owner.
  • Picking natural products is allowed in the limited management zone.
  • Keep your dog on a leash when being in the nature.
  • Organising public events is allowed in the limited management zone; consent of the manager of the protected area is needed for organising public events in the conservation zone.

Read more about moving in the nature from the General Part of the Environmental Code Act and protection rules of the corresponding protected area.

If you see damages caused to nature or to civil engineering works meant for visitation, please report it to the State helpline by calling 1247.

Emergency number is 112.

Study trails offers a great opportunity for learning more about nature reserve. Photo: Karl Jakob Toplaan