Instructions for visitors
  • Try not to leave any traces in the nature.
  • Ask the permission of the owner when being on a marked/fenced private land. Field, plantations and apiaries are not meant for hiking.
  • Set up a tent and make a fire only in locations intended and marked for such purposes; if you leave the campfire site, put the fire out. Setting up a tent and making a fire in a yard are only allowed upon the permission of the owner. If the forests have been declared flammable, making an open fire is always prohibited, also on a fire base.
  • You may always pick wild berries, mushrooms and other natural products which are not protected, given that you allowed to be in the picking spot. On a private land, if it is fenced and marked, you need a permission of the possessor of the land to pick natural products.
  • Keep your dog on a leash when being in the nature.
  • Use bicycles on roads and paths, use and park motor vehicles (including terrain vehicles and snowmobiles) only on prescribed roads and parking lots.
  • All publicly used water bodies have shore or bank paths, the width of which in navigable water bodies is 10 m, other water bodies 4 m from the border of the water body. If the shore or bank path is flooded, a strip of two metres from the waterline is considered as the shore or bank path.
  • On the Harilaiu Peninsula, it is prohibited to drive motor vehicles past the parking lot at the Harilaiu rest area (watch for markings!), except for scientific field work, monitoring, rescue and protection works upon the consent of the Environmental Board, in order to avoid damaging the soil of valuable habitats.
  • Fishing is allowed pursuant to the valid Nature Conservation Act and Fishing Act, Fishing Rules, and protection rules of Vilsandi National Park. Read more at the homepage of the Environmental Board.
    • Fishing is prohibited in the Mere conservation zone from 15 April until 15 July.
    • Fishing is prohibited in the Kihelkonna, Kuusnõmme and Atla Bay from 1 October until 30 November.
    • Recreational fishing is allowed in the Laialepa Bay, except fishing with net and longline.
    • Vessels are prohibited from navigating in the Mere conservation zone and in the Laialepa Bay.
  • Organisation of tourism and mass events (more than 50 participants) is allowed upon the consent of the manager of the protected area.

Bird-watchers. Photo: Allar Liiv

Hiking trails go through areas used for livestock grazing, which may be fenced off with electric fencing.

  • Use the specially arranged places or crossings to pass grazing enclosures. Do not touch electric fencing or any of its metal parts, as these may be live.
  • Use the plastic handle to open the crossing gate.
  • Make sure you close all gates.
  • Do not disturb or feed livestock.

Read more about moving in the nature from the General Part of the Environmental Code Act and protection rules of the corresponding protected area.

If you see damages caused to nature or to civil engineering works meant for visitation, please report it to the State helpline by calling 1247.

Emergency number is 112.