Protection procedure

The protection procedure of the Vormsi Landscape Protection Area is regulated by the Nature Conservation Act and the protection rules of the Vormsi Landscape Protection Area.

Based on the specificity of the protection procedure, the landscape reserve is divided into:

  • three conservation zones – Rumpo (1,463 ha), Hosby (301 ha) and Rälby (158 ha);
  • six limited management zones – Saxby (83 ha), Prästviik (99 ha), Diby (92 ha), Rumpo (36 ha), Huitberg (11 ha) and Kärrslät (181 ha).

The basis of planning managing activities and doing work is the management plan of the Vormsi Landscape Protection Area, the Näsi permanent habitat of the white-tailed eagle and the part of the Väinameri Limited-Conservation Area located on the island of Vormsi for the years 2017–2026.