How to get there?


Otepää Nature Centre, Kolga tee 28, Otepää, 67405 Valgamaa.

Mon-Wed 9.00-12.00 ja 13.00-16.00

Fri 9.00-12.00

The Otepää Nature Center also serves as the local office of the Environment Board. If you wish to visit the center we advise you to inform our specialists in advance, since sometimes the house may be locked during field work.

In order to see the permanent exhibition of the nature center, please book the visit in advance. Additional information: Margit Turb, environmental education specialist,, tel. 518 6747.

By car and tourbus

Arriving by car or a smaller tourbus from the centre of Otepää, drive down the hill and in the valley turn to the Kolga road (the second road on the left at roadsign "Otepää Nature Center"). Then drive to the end of the street, past the light blue house with red roof in the left and turn into the parking lot behind it. When arriving in a larger tourbus, it is better to drive by motorway to Tamme puiestee and then drive along the street until you reach the parking lot of the nature center.

Google map with more precise instructions

By public transport

The nearest bus stops are Tamme, Pühajärve and Aedlinna. Coming from the Pühajärve bus stop (see the map), the fastest way is to walk through the Pühajärve beach park. From the Aedlinna bus stop, the shortest route is by Tamme puiestee. All information about county bus lines is available at

Google map for more precise instructions