Otepää Nature Centre

Otepää Nature Center is located in the former building of the Pühajärve forest district near Lake Pühajärv. In September 2013, a permanent exhibition of landscapes of the Otepää Upland and the Otepää Nature Park was opened in the center. Under the guidance of the lesser spotted eagle, the symbol of the Otepää Nature Park, visitors can learn about Otepää landscape patterns, the history of landscape changes, conservation of its biodiversity, oral heritage and nature conservation. In addition to the exhibition one can view the slide show "Twelve faces of Otepää" (author: Arne Ader, duration 17 min, in Estonian and English).

Permanent exhibition in the Otepää Nature Center. Photo by Elo Raspel

The exhibition has free entrance. For booking a visit please call 518 6747 (environmental education specialist Margit Turb) or e-mail margit.turb@keskkonnaamet.ee.

The center has workshops for employees of the Environmental Board, a training class for 15 people and accommodation facilities for 20 people for the events of the Environmental Board. Environmental education specialists of the Environmental Board conduct free study programs at the center and the Otepää Nature Park.

Concept and implementation of exhibition: KAOS Arhitektid OÜ 

Customer: Environmental Board

Funded by the European Regional Development Fund in the framework of the "Development of a network of natural environment centers of the Environmental Board" project