For visitors

Alam-Pedja is an area with wide swamps, wet forests and flooded meadows and winding rivers. Sparse settlements and low economic activity have allowed these landscapes to develop naturally. Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve has been created to preserve the nature here. Although not one drivable road passes the nature reserve, it is possible to access the area from the Tallinn-Tartu highway in the east, Tartu-Viljandi highway in the south, Vaibla-Meleski-Kolga-Jaani road in the west and Pikknurme-Kamari-Põltsamaa road in the north. So that the visitors could hike but the nature can at the same time do what it does as alone as possible, hiking trails have been built in the peripheral regions of the protected area.

In the Alam-Pedja Nature Centre, it is possible to obtain information on the values and visitation opportunities of the protected area and a small permanent exhibition has been opened.

Palupõhja Nature School offers events and seminars on environmental education and accommodation.

Palupõhja village and Suur Emajõgi (2004). Photo by Arne Ader