Instructions for visitors

On the national park territory:

  • familiarise yourself with the conservation rules of the protected area prior to visiting it;
  • in conservation zones with restrictions on movement, moving around is only allowed with the permission of the manager of the protected area;
  • when driving a motor vehicle, use the designated roads and car parks only;
  • moving around on private land is regulated by the Law of Property Act and the Nature Protection Act;
  • camping and making fires is allowed in specially arranged and designated places only. Camping and making fires in home yards is allowed with the permission of the owner.l;
  • fishing is only allowed in the territory of the national park with a fishing permit, which also serves as a permit to access the fishing areas designated thereon.

Hiking trails may run through grazing areas. As such:

  • do not disturb the livestock;
  • use the specially arranged places or crossings to pass grazing enclosures (if these do not exist, make sure you close all gates);
  • keep dogs on a leash when in the national park and do not bring dogs onto trails crossing grazing land.

Upon leaving:

  • do not leave any garbage behind – take it with you and place it in a garbage bin.

If you become aware of activities that are potentially harmful to the environment or visitor facilities, call the Environmental Inspectorate hotline on 1313.

For emergency services, call 112.