For visitors

Lahemaa National Park has 20 study and hiking trails that introduce the local natural and cultural heritage. Several of these trails are part of the Oandu-Aegviidu-Ikla hiking trail that goes through the whole Estonia, from which the Lahemaa section includes makes up more than 40 km. For making it comfortable for the hikers, there are several campsites and camping sites and observation towers from which one can view birds or simply enjoy the sea view.

Within the Lahemaa National Park several service providers offer accommodation, catering, handicrafts or adventures. There are also four mansion ensembles in the area.

For more information on sightseeing, please contact the visitor centre of the Lahemaa National Park in Palmse and the Oandu visitor centre of the State Forest Management Center (RMK).

Lahemaa National Park Visitor Centre: ,

Oandu visitor centre:

Majakivi-Pikanõmme nature trail. Photo: Riina Kotter