Visiting opportunities

About 120 km of study and hiking trails are built on Lahemaa National Park, reflecting the natural diversity, geological peculiarities and the cultural heritage of Lahemaa. Individual objects of nature are dominated by boulders and rocky fields, which can be found abundantly in all four Lahemaa peninsulas and, to a lesser extent, inland. In total there are 32 boulders or boulder groups, of them 20 in the Harju County and 12 in the Lääne-Viru County. 15 individual trees have been taken under protection in Lahemaa, of which six are located in the Harju County and nine in the Lääne-Viru County.

As the organiser of visits to Lahemaa National Park, State Forest Management Center (RMK) takes care of communication and visitor infrastructure including nature trails, campsites and campfire sites. You can find more detailed information about the visitor infrastructure from the RMK website.

In the national park, four manorial ensembles have been restored to a greater or lesser extent, including parks and alleys with a total area of ​​265.9 hectares.

Sunny bog trail.

Photo: Kerly Kippar